Die Session

Jira is a great tool for individual Agile teams, but it doesn’t offer much when it comes to managing multiple teams working together on a large project. Structure app by ALM Works fills this gap and allows you to efficiently scale Agile in a large organization.Thanks to its flexibility it can be adjusted to support any process you want to follow, including SAFe – the number one framework for scaling Agile. We’ll demonstrate how you can implement SAFe using Jira and Structure, share some best practices and lessons learned.

Die Referentin

Julia AtlyginaJuliaAtlygina
Julia has been working in software development over 10 years and has always been eager to learn new methodologies and approaches. When she’s not in the office working as Structure product manager, you can often find her organizing and presenting at the local software events. She’s also a certified SAFe consultant and is leading the SAFe initiative at ALM Works.