– The deadline has already passed. Thanks for all submissions! –


The Tools4AgileTeams conference will be held over two days again this year. Agile@night will help be on the first day. Day two is the actual conference day with more than 30 presentations, interactive sessions and mini-workshops.

Our topic for this year’s conference is:

Does culture eat your agile scaling strategy for breakfast?!

Culture hacking, agile tools and frameworks – how well does culture need to ‘fit’ for agile transformations and how much influence on corporate culture do agile transformation strategies and practices have? We set out in search of the most exciting, instructive examples of successful and unsuccessful agile transitions.

We look forward to receiving submissions, covering the following topics in particular:

  • Agile transformations on a large scale – this is how we take our employees with us
  • The shop of horrors of agile transformation – failed transformations and what has been learned from them
  • Traditional organizational development and agile transformation: How can we work together?
  • Beyond agile: Which methods of the future are on the horizon?
  • Agile scaling approaches and frameworks
  • Large projects for change, apart from agile: What can you learn from them?
  • Building bridges within the organization: How can agile and traditional approaches harmonize?