The Tools4AgileTeams conference will be held over two days this year. On the first day, the traditional Agile@night will be held at the //SEIBERT/MEDIA office. Day two is the actual conference day with more than 30 presentations, interactive sessions and mini-workshops at the IHK Wiesbaden.


We want to use Thursday afternoon and evening in preparation for the conference. So, at 4pm games, reports, Pecha Kuchas and the legendary Agile Jukebox will launch the event in our office in downtown Wiesbaden.

TimeRoom GoliathWork RoomOlympYellow Room
5pmThe Coffee Game

Jörg Waldmann
New stories about Scrum

Rolf Dräther & Holger Koschek
Professional development in an agile environment

Mirko Scharping
"I think I'm gonna drown" - time dilatation in agile transformations

Michael Tarnowski
6pmS3 Delegation Canvas

Bernhard Boeckelbrink

- Treating toxic teams
- Who holds the most effective tool?
- Kanban - Crossing the Scrum boundary
- Bullshit management
Or: How much management do you really need?
- DevOps is culture
Agile corporate culture: a pulse check as a scalable tool for team-driven ad hoc feedback

Peter Behrendt (Freiburg Institut)
Beyond Agile - What comes after Scrum and Co?

Dennis Wagner (dwcg consulting)
7pmThe methodology challenge: Planning vs. Inspect & Adapt in direct comparison aka. spaghetti tower

Sylvius Gerber
From tomorrow onwards I will do everything differently!

Birgit Bonni (andrena objects ag) & Vera Hofheinz (andrena objects ag)
1h Session

Daniel Bartel

8pmCooperative card games (Spaceteam and Escape the nightmare)

Ilja Preuß
Stories from a railway-goliath

Joachim Schirrmacher (DB Systel) & Klaus-Jürgen Kroner (DB Systel)
Developing team structures through self-organization

Robert Gies
Living Feedback

Bettina Ruggeri

… and that’s not all!

At 9pm Holger Koschek and Rolf Drähter will bring out their own Agile Jukebox! They are live artists and perform their own lyrics from the agile universe to well-known melodies . From 10pm until late, we will take a small but fine tour through Wiesbaden’s bar and club life. We will visit three establishments and share a relaxed ending to the Agile@Night with you!

Conference day

TimeS1+S2S3+S4S5Presidential Room
9:30am - 10amAutonomous Teams - Large Companies

Sven Peters
10:15am - 11:15amAgile scaling, but done right - or: "LeSS isn't less safe than SAFe"

Dr. Marcus Gemeinder (DB Systel)
Expedition to a self-organized destination

Daniela Piacenti (DB Systel)
How can we as Scrum Masters make our Goliath organization more agile without having to reinvent it?

Daniel Dubbel
(DER Touristik Online GmbH) & Oliver Zilken (REWE digital GmbH)
The advantages of agile scaling: Nexus, LeSS, SAFe and Spotify

Michele Lanzinger (KEGON) & Felix Rüssel (KEGON)
11:30am - 11:55amThank you for transitioning with Deutsche Bahn

Markus Heissner
(Deutschen Bahn AG) & Karsten Sturm
(andrena objects ag)
Why have managers in Scrum / Kanban / DevOps / Agile?

Tim Böttcher
(arvato eCommerce Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH)
Innovation Kickbox - the scalable innovation programme

Daniel Bartel
SAFe PI Planning - 4 locations - How?

Silvio Wandfluh
(Diso AG)
12pm - 12:25pmAgile in our company and what we have experienced

Steffen Brandt
(andrena objects ag) & Sven Diefenthäler (NovaTec Consulting GmbH)
Super tanker to speedboat - scaling agile

Jewgeni Horn
Toolbox for agile Teams

Stephan Rathgeber
(ManpowerGroup Germany)

1:30pm - 2:30pmPortfolio Kanban@REWE-Digital

Daniel Schimera (REWE Digital)
Agile transformation with bottom-up intelligence

Jan Schäfer (andrena objects ag)
Prerequisite for achieving agile Goliaths - Organizational readiness for enterprise transformation

Irmgard Barth
(P2team) & Dr. Boris Kneisel (herontix)
DevOps - Nine rules to inadvertently paralyze development

Thomas Rümmler (AIT)
2:45pm - 3:10pmOf sheep, bees and self-organization: leadership in an agile transition

Rolf Dräther
EFFECTUATION - Operating successfully under uncertainty

Heiko Bartlog
One year at the R+V Innovation Lab

Tim Baumeister
(R+V Versicherung)
SAFe in Jira

Felix Rüssel (KEGON) & Jan Kuntscher (//SEIBERT/MEDIA)
3:10pm - 3:35pmScafu - Scaling Agile Fuck-Ups

Christof Braun

ALM Works
Lean startup meets change management

Oliver Wüntsch (DBVC)
Achieving happiness with Git - difficult, but possible

Sascha Binger (Provinzial)
4pm - 5pmEffective meetings in large groups? Fun and good results at the same time? Guaranteed!

Prof. Dr. Tobias Brückmann
(CampusLab GmbH)
The personnel department as an innovation and agile promoter

André Dörfler (R+V Versicherung)
What helps when introducing agile to the corporate network

Andreas Witt (TRUMPF Werkzeugmaschinen) & Rainer Köttgen (TRUMPF Holding)
Driving change from the middle - Can this work?

Michael Mahlberg

5:10pm - 5:35pmCreating successful teams through self-selection

Steffen Brandt (andrena objects ag) & Sven Diefenthäler (NovaTec)
Continuous Documentation

Daniel Kocot
Synchronized enterprise backlogs for GOLIATHs – why do PRIORITY & FOCUS drive "Return on Transformation"?

Dr. Boris Kneisel
SVN to Git Mirror, and what Alice found there

Dmitry Linov (TMate Software)
5:35pm - 6pmA more agile goliath through the self-organization of the agile coaching team

Gerald Fiesser
Better teamwork with a team manifesto

Reiner Kühn (1&1)
Backlog prioritization 2020: Value models & simulations for managing intangibles in projects

Gerrit Beine
(MaibornWolff GmbH)
A Tool for Ranking, Planning and Refining your Backlog

Gorka Puente (Comalatech)