The Tools4AgileTeams conference will be held over two days again in 2019. Agile@night is planned for the first day of the conference with games and workshops. Day two is the actual conference day with presentations.

The final program details will be available in summer 2019.

The Call for Sessions is closed.

Topic 2019: Tools and leadership

Leadership requires in-person conversations, and tools are for digital communication. If we categorize these two terms, they don’t seem to have much in common. But are they really so separated? In scaled agile practice, further questions quickly arise: Do tools and leadership always into conflict in theory or in practice, or perhaps both? Should they really be considered separately? Are there any synergies we can take advantage of? Can tool actually support leadership? Can leadership in turn have a meaningful effect on tools?

We want to discuss this and more at Tools4AgileTeams 2019!

Keynote 2019: Jurgen Appelo – Agility Scales

We are delighted to have Jurgen Appelo, one of the most renowned and influential minds in the global agile and start-up scene, as our keynote speaker for Tools4AgileTeams 2019. Jurgen is a sought-after speaker, successful entrepreneur and bestselling author. He will open the conference with his presentation “Agility Scales”.

Two more keynotes are planned.


Here is a look back at our 2018 conference program.

Agile@Night 2018

We want to use Thursday afternoon and evening in preparation for the conference. So, at 4pm we will launch the event in our office in downtown Wiesbaden.

4pmRegistration open
4:45pmTopic marketplace
5pm - 5:45pmMoving Conflicts – Understanding conflicts in agile organizations

Manuela Grunder & Corinna Koschmieder
Dissolving the 'retire this' taboo in organizations

Christian Dähn
Through self-organization to performance: Leadership without superiors. Hungary. Wilderness. Canoe.

Matthias Lehmann
Self-selection is the way to personal responsibility and self-organisation

Dr. Yvonne Görlitz & Kurt Jäger
6pm - 6:45pmCulture development - Building and exploring culture

Corinna Koschmieder & Manuela Grundner
Back to Paper - agile presentations with sketchnotes

Antje Hellkuhl
Meet the advocatus diaboli" - What agile will never be able to do

Sinan Perin
Marketplace - How we gave our employees the responsibility of team building

Daniel Räder
7pm - 7:45pm"I think I'm going to fade" - time dilatation in agile transformations

Michael Tarnowski
Tools 4 Team Empowerment - Assigning and accepting responsibility

Daniel Dubbel & Ngoc Minh Luong
Fail Better: Hands-on failure culture

Friederike Strub
Develop team structures with self-organization

Robert Gies
8pm - 8:45pmImpact Map - How can traditional strategies find their place in agile products?

Daniel Räder
Agile & traditional: the best of both worlds cleverly combined

Dr. Martin Stump & Hannah Schon
The New Work Quartet - 32 formats, methods and ideas for a new corporate culture

Jacob Chromy
Marketplaces at R+V

Thomas Junghans

… and that’s not all!

From 10pm until late, we will take a small but fine tour through Wiesbaden’s bar and club life. We will visit three establishments and share a relaxed ending to the Agile@Night with you!

Conference day 2018

Time      Large Hall      Room 1Room 2 Room 3Presidents Room
8amRegistration and breakfast
9:30am - 10:00amKeynote (Großer Saal)
Bottom-up meets top-down... and it's going to be good.

Doris Leinen & Till Moritz
(DB Systel)
10:15am - 11:15amQ&A with keynote speakersThree times SAFe in the same corporation - What could go wrong?

Dennis Wagner
Inside Agile - How does it feel to work in an agile organization, what is it all about, how is it done?

Eileen Mandir
Surrounded by idiots - or: Working one-time with professionals ...

Falk Kühnel
Sustainable change comes from within - What makes a great company different?

Robert Gies
11:30am - 12:30pmChaos / LeSS / Nexus / Steps you can handle

Tim Böttcher & Wolfgang Kurtz
20 tools that are guaranteed not to help with agile transformations!

Daniel Dubbel & Oliver Zilken
I am being transformed! What can I do?

Norbert Hölsken
Corporate culture - the competitive advantage of the future?

Hannah Gräbener
12:30pm - 1:30pmLunch
1:30pm - 2:00pmKeynote (large hall)
Business agility & leadership - how does it fit together?

Iris Detemple & Yves Stalgies (OTTO)
2:10pm - 2:50pmQ&A with keynote speakersSAFe, or not safe?

Jürgen Busch, Frank Degel & Eva Mosters
Corporate culture vs. enterprise-level transition - "Vive la Revolution!" vs. "peaceful revolution from above"

Boris Kneisel
Sponsor Workshop

andrena objects ag
Agility + Diversity = Synergy

Sarah Gerwing & Klaus-Jürgen Kroner
3:00pm - 3:40pm"Agile Dojo" : Training for your agile mindset

Daniela Hintze-Nicolaus & Dr. Yvonne Görlitz (KEGON)
Agile cultural development - experiences with the Culture Map

Annegret Schlegel & Jacob Chromy
Culture eats everything for breakfast

Christof Braun & Uschi Kusay-Merkle
3:40pm - 4:00pmCoffee break
4:00pm - 4:30pmKeynote (large hall)

4:45pm - 5:25pmQ&A with keynote speakersScaled to Death

Timo Volkmer
How does scaling start and does it ever finish?

Steffen Brandt & Sven Diefenthäler
Mastering Cargo Cult – Dunning, Kruger and the agile bias curve

Gerrit Beine
Agile remote transition

Paul Pasler
5:30pmClosing Session