Tools4 AgileTeams Conference 2020 – What will change?

This year the T4AT conference will be very special. Not only because we decided early on to shake things up a little bit,  but because we have to be prepared for whatever might happen with COVID-19.  We would be Agile if we did use change as a catalyst for trying new things – we want to use this change to make the best of things and hold a successful event.

The Tools4AgileTeams 2020 will therefore be held as a hybrid event – one part physical in the Rhein Main Congress Center Wiesbaden, one part remote. In concrete terms this means that in addition to the physical parts in Wiesbaden, there will also be remote sessions. This  will give you the opportunity to get the same conference quality via remote Conference App.  We want to make networking and idea-exchanges as valuable for everyone, even in a hybrid setting.

And what about the main theme?

Separately from COVID-19, we decided that after many years that this year, we would not give you a main theme.  T4AT has always been successful due to its thematic diversity.  We want to emphasize that even more by offering seven different tracks with different content.  There will be some classing T4AT themes, but also exciting new things. For example:

In each track there will be really cool keynotes, from top speakers as well as further lectures, workshops and sessions. We’re also curious about how all of this is going to go, but we hope that this way we will be able to meet the needs of all our participants.

We will put together the exact agenda in August and publish it as soon as possible.


Early Bird Ticket 2020

Topic 2019: Tools and leadership

Leadership requires in-person conversations, and tools are for digital communication. If we categorize these two terms, they don’t seem to have much in common. But are they really so separated? In scaled agile practice, further questions quickly arise: Do tools and leadership always into conflict in theory or in practice, or perhaps both? Should they really be considered separately? Are there any synergies we can take advantage of? Can tool actually support leadership? Can leadership in turn have a meaningful effect on tools?

We want to discuss this and more at Tools4AgileTeams 2019!

Keynote 2019: Jurgen Appelo – How to Fix Your Failed Agile Transformation

We are delighted to have Jurgen Appelo, one of the most renowned and influential minds in the global agile and start-up scene, as our keynote speaker for Tools4AgileTeams 2019. Jurgen is a sought-after speaker, successful entrepreneur and bestselling author. He will open the conference with his presentation “How to Fix Your Failed Agile Transformation”.

Two more keynotes are planned.


Conference Program 2019