A conference on agility in teams and companies

Overview of all tracks

Agility and New Work have many facets, and that is exactly what we want to reflect at Tools4AgileTeams. That’s why this year we are once again offering the Agile Night with topics like the Agile Games as well as a wide variety of exciting topics on the two conference days. Five different tracks await you – with some classic T4AT topics, but also new focal points and trends:

At Scale

There are already quite a few agile teams these days. However, it often becomes problematic when you move into a large corporate context or are looking for broad support within the organization. This is where agile scaling frameworks offer approaches for working on things together, sometimes with hundreds of teams. These frameworks are also often criticized – mainly because many see them as a blueprint and try to implement them 1:1. 


Felix Rüssel from Kegon and Peter Weingärtner from Seibert Media as track chairs help us to put together a good mix that takes a critical look at some aspects, but also shows ways to gain insights and practical implementation.


Energize Work with AI powered by Google

powered by Google Cloud

In our fast-paced working world, agility and innovation are crucial for success. The new track “Energize Work with AI” introduces you to the latest developments and possibilities of artificial intelligence to make agile work processes more dynamic and optimized. Here you will learn how AI technologies can enable teams to work faster and more effectively – while remaining agile and adaptable. This exciting track will be moderated by our colleague Lara Bonn, a Google expert who is familiar with the AI functions of Google tools.

Modern Work

The Modern Workplace track includes everything that has to do with modern working methods. The last two years have brought lasting changes to the world of work, brought new issues, and given some topics different priorities. We look at ways to solve the issues and at case studies from the digital workplace world.

This track is particularly well-suited for corporate communications staff, but also for all agile and IT representatives in organizations.

New Leadership

powered by HelloAgile

In the “New Leadership” track from our partner HelloAgile, we dedicate two days to contemporary and agile approaches to self-, team and company leadership. We will learn about innovative leadership strategies from different perspectives and examine agile management frameworks such as OKR (Objectives and Key Results) in practice. Gain insights into the latest practices, participate in inspiring panels and learn how they can transform new leadership teams and organizations – from those who work with them. Stop by and reshape leadership for you and your team!


Strategy Development & Lean Portfolio Management

powered by Kegon

Agile teams can deliver value effectively – but unfortunately, this doesn’t always work because the medium and long-term management often remains stuck in old behavioral patterns and organizational reflexes. The support provided by agile frameworks and Best Practices is also sometimes minimal. In the track “Strategy Development & Lean Portfolio Management”, track chairs Florian Beck and Thorsten Janning from Kegon will consolidate the current state of development in this still young but success-critical topic and present experience reports from companies in a wide range of industries. 

Work Transformation

powered by Atlassian

The world of teamwork has changed dramatically in recent years. And it turns out that many things that were actually only intended as temporary solutions to respond to the pandemic have come to stay. That’s a good thing! Distributed teams and hybrid models instead of mandatory presence, asynchronous communication instead of meeting marathons, integrated cloud solutions available everywhere instead of server infrastructure and VPN constraints, lean ITSM instead of overloaded IT teams struggling with their legacy systems – this transformation can no longer be turned back if companies want to position themselves dynamically and retain valuable talent.

The track is hosted by Katharina Alt – our Business Owner for Atlassian Consulting – and raises a wide range of questions: How do organizations manage transformation effectively? What hurdles need to be overcome? And what success and failure stories can we learn from?

Agile Night

The Networking Night at the Tools4AgileTeams

Join us for a relaxed evening of networking and fun with like-minded people! This year, you can expect not only the popular Agile Games at Agile Night, but also exciting speed dating and other surprises. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, make new contacts and have inspiring conversations.