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Der Vortrag

User story mapping is an excellent practice for every scrum and kanban team as it ensures members and stakeholders have a shared understanding of the customer and their challenges. Teams leave a story mapping session with an ordered and estimated backlog, split into sprints and ready for the team to start delivering.

In this session you will learn the technique of story mapping and have a chance to practice facilitating a session as we break in to small groups.

Lessons Learned:

  • Story mapping, where it came from and why it exists
  • How to facilitate a physical story mapping session
  • How to facilitate a digital story mapping session with Easy Agile User Story Maps for JIRA

Der Referent

Nicholas Muldoon (Twitter, LinkedIn) was the Atlassian JIRA Agile product manager prior to joining Twitter in San Francisco and coaching their product and engineering managers. Through these roles he has learned about scaling agile and building effective organisations.

Nicholas recently returned to Australia and is now focused on creating a software company and raising his two children.