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Die Keynote

LESS, SAFe, #NoEstimates, TDD is Dead…? Process bingo! Yet does it even matter?!

Somewhere along the way we, the agile community, lost sight of the reason we started exploring agile in the first place. There are people in our community selling us methods and practices. There are others rolling out transformations in a cookie-cutter way without considering the maturity and culture of the company, or the needs of their customers.

In this talk Nicholas argues for a gradual transformation of our companies so that we achieve sustainable agility. Creating strong, stable teams that are focused on making their customers successful is the key to long term success.

Der Referent

Nicholas Muldoon (Twitter, LinkedIn) was the Atlassian JIRA Agile product manager prior to joining Twitter in San Francisco and coaching their product and engineering managers. Through these roles he has learned about scaling agile and building effective organisations.

Nicholas recently returned to Australia and is now focused on creating a software company and raising his two children.