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Keynote Speaker Lisette Sutherland
Lisette Sutherland

“How to be a high performing distributed agile team”
Working from a distance comes with its own set of challenges. Teams with virtual colleagues need to combat the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality and learn how to build trust in new ways. In this talk, we’ll dive into how to perfect your own game, how to balance work and life, and how to be a better remote team player. You will walk away with new ideas for what it means to be “present” at work and how to create that sense of camaraderie even when you’re virtual.

Keynote Speaker Nadine Nobile und Sven Franke
Nadine Nobile und Sven Franke

“Ach, du meine Vergütung! Was New Pay mit New Work zu tun hat”
Die Frage nach der Vergütung ist Sven und Nadine auf dem Weg zu harmonischen New-Work-Konzepten immer wieder als Stolperstein begegnet. Und dieser Aspekt ist so interessant und vielschichtig, dass sie heute gezielt zu “New Pay” beraten. Sie sind überzeugt davon, dass es möglich ist, neue Vergütungsmodelle zu finden, die mit einer modernen Firmenkultur in Einklang stehen. In Ihrem Vortrag geben sie uns einen Einblick in ihre Arbeit und zeigen, wie New Pay umgesetzt werden kann.

Keynote Speaker Dave Snowden
Dave Snowden

“Doctrine, domesticity and delinquency; returning Agile to the Wild”
Like many movements over history, Agile started with a great idea whose ideas continue to inspire many people, but the modern equivalent of religious wars, minor splits over doctrine and crass commercialization have compromised those ideas. Is all lost or can we get back the original inspiration of the Agile Manifesto?

If Agile is going to move outside of the fields of software development and support to the wider organization what will need to change? In the wild, there are only a few variations in canines, but domestication had produced multiple variations, but within those variations aggressive breeding to reinforce differences. The net result is a set of increasingly harmful genetic changes; is the same happening to Agile? How do we avoid this?

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