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Der Vortrag

Our co-presentation of advanced methods & enabling technology (‘PrioMatrix’) enters its 2nd season – presenting a framework for advanced backlog-mgmt & agile scaling model selection. The past 12 months saw techniques advancing and refinement with various customers in industries ranging from SW-vendors to HW-providers. We synchronize C-level board-rooms with R&D-teams (via a Portfolio-KanBan-system) and Comala-canvas scales-out and enables co-work in distributed teams in XXL-scale organizations.

Lessons learned:

Agile has not only unleashed massive productivity in SW-industries, but also enters HW-related R&D / construction & engineering. Enterprise-scale Agility is a pre-requisite for championing the Digital-economy.

Bringing Agility to the C-level board-room is a next-step to then synchronize the portfolio-group via program-layer to enable teams for convergent-delivery achieving aligned de-central control (D.Reinertsen).

Die Referenten

Dr. Boris Kneisel, SAP SE
Dr. Bors Kneisel (XING, LinkedIn, Twitter) ist gefragt in “Agile Turn-arounds” als Freelance-cross-industry Lean & Agile Innovation-Coach. Modelliert bei SAP SE als “Global Transition Lead Agile Scaling” global verteilte F&E-Szenarien. Übersetzt aus 20j.-Praxis-Erfahrung (Portfolio- / Programm- / Projekt- / Produkt-Entwicklung) klass. Mgmt-Denke, Handlungs-Muster und Prozesse in Agile Strukturen. Coacht selbst-organisierten Team-Aufbau. Unterstützt als passionierter Innovations-Manager Führungskräfte bei Change-Initiativen durch (pro-aktives) Risiko-Mgmt für mehr Produktivität. (CSP/CSM/CSPO/PSM-2, PMP, PRINCE2-P; SAFe-SA / LeSS- / Nexus- / S@S-Practitioner) Kontakt: www.BorisKneisel.de / Boris.Kneisel@gmail.com / +49-152-5408 9132

Dr. Gorka Puente, Comalatech 
Gorka (Twitter, LinkedIn) is responsible for the product visualization, research of new markets and products. With extensive academic experience, he brings his knowledge on Web Information Systems, Wikis and product development. He holds a Ph.D. and a Bachelor in Computer Science. He is based in Vitoria, Spain, loves his wife, cooking, martial arts, beer and cats. http://www.comalatech.com