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Der Vortrag

Jan de Baere and Peter Lie will give a quick analysis based on the book ‘Antifragile; things that gain from disorder’ from Nassim Nicholas Taleb. They will walk through elements from the book and how they experience these in day to day agile coaching operations:

  • Understanding  of Fragile – Robust – Antifragile

  • Fragile:

    • Turkey as Black Swan at Christmas time

    • You lose more by randomness (gain/loss graphic)

    • One size fits all

  • Antifragile:

    •   Can win

    • You gain more by randomness (gain/loss graphic)

    • Barbell strategy (safety versus risks)

  • Thinkering versus Big design upfront

  • Complex versus Simple

After the talk Jan and Peter will give an interactive workshop about how you can use these insights to improve your own workplace and attitude in your environment.

Lessons Learned

How being antifragile helps you and your company to not only persist disorder and crisis but to use them and become more successful

Jan de Baere2Die Referenten

Jan de Baere, Agile Coach & Trainer, Cegeka
Jan (Linkedin, Agile in the core) is active in IT for 20+ years, Agile for 10+ years. The last 5+ years he specialized in scaled Agile. Answering the question of how to get larger (more then 1000 people) companies more agile. Helping management to move from managing a pair of hands to creating something together. Jan is the chairman of Agile Consortium Belgium, the Agile platform for and by organisations.


Peter Lie, Agile Coach, CegekaPeter Lie_4
Peter (Linkedin, Agile in the core) is a hands-on practitioner. Since 2007 involved in applying Agile at customer sites. He is experienced with agile methodologies, scrum, project management and visual facilitation. Certified Professional Scrum Master & Professional Scrum Product Owner, Prince2, KanBan, Kaizen and Lean Six Sigma. His trademark is building teams where customer service is an attitude. Establishing relationships between managers, business representatives and developers. Make parties work together.