Der Workshop

Ever wondered how large organizations with thousands of developers and massive infrastructure migrate from Subversion to Git? In this workshop, we’ll review existing strategies for SVN to Git migration and discuss which strategies scale better. We’ll demonstrate how SVN and Git infrastructure may co-exist peacefully during the migration period and what to do if you desperately want to use Git but that’s against your company’s policy.

Der Referent

Semyon VadishevSemyonVadishev
Semyon is a software developer at TMate Software. He has been working on version control tools for more than 10 years. In 2011 TMate Software released SubGit — a tool for company-wide migration from SVN to Git. Since that moment Semyon and his team have helped more than 9000 teams to migrate to Git. When he’s not working on new product features, you can find Semyon at the developers’ conferences and meetups.