Der Pecha-Kucha-Vortrag

We (agile coaches) accompany only 30% of developers. We write 70% off because they don’t have an agile mindset. Those mainly work for large companies which are firmly in the hands of Management 2.0. There are colleagues who say that I am unprofessional when I deal with such organizations because these will never become agile. (I partly must agree and that makes me sad. Who lacks the agile value “courage”?) What is the most effective tool of M2.0? They control the money flows. If agilists control money flows then they would transfer the 70% to agility easily. They do not want that, so they should create an alternative for the control of money. As a new, far more effective tool.

Der Referent

Jelle van WieringenJellevanWieringen
Jelle will tell who he is in his Pecha Kucha.