A conference on agility in teams and companies

Speaker FAQ

I have made a submission how do I proceed now?

After the end of the call for sessions, our track chairs will review your contributions. We will then give feedback to all potential speakers in a timely manner and set up the concrete conference program. With over 240 submissions, this may take a little longer (at least until early September).

Can I still make changes to submission after I have submitted it?

The title and the description can of course be adjusted afterwards, as long as your topic does not change completely.
You can make the adjustments yourself in the speaker tool, you will find the access for it in the confirmation email, or just contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Will my contribution be published after the event?

We see the Tools4AgileTeams conference as a great opportunity for us and the speakers to get more exposure. That’s why we try to publish as much as possible.

The contributions will all be available online over time on YouTube and our website. We have had very good experiences with this in recent years and are therefore convinced that we can generate a high level of attention for each contribution. 

Before and after the conference, we plan to promote the contributions through blog articles and guest posts. In this context, we would like to give speakers like you the opportunity to write guest posts themselves to touch on the topic and, of course, share links to your profiles, websites and, if you like, commercial offers.

Do you have templates for the presentation slides?

Yes, we have prepared a set of templates using Google Slides for speakers. You can copy the templates and prepare them as a Google Presentation or download a version for Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote. If you have questions or need help with your presentation, we’re here to help: t4at@seibert-media.net.

Is there an expense compensation for speakers in terms of meals or hotel accommodation?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer expense reimbursement for speakers.

As a speaker, you get free access to the conference (digital or on-site – depending on where the talk takes place) and we publish all talks on our Youtube channel after the conference.

On-site, all drinks and food offered are included.

For our participants and speakers we have reserved a room contingent at our partner hotel Star-Apart Hansa Hotel with reduced rates. You can find more information here.

What do I have to keep in mind on-site?

Please remember to bring your laptop, charging cable and presentation slides.

In order to be able to attend remote lectures as an on-site participant, we recommend bringing a laptop, headphones and charging cable. If a session room is full, there is plenty of room in the lounge to experience the session remotely.

What do I have to keep in mind remotely?

Technical checklist for remote sessions:

Use an updated browser. We recommend Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge. Safari and Internet Explorer not supported.

The webcam of a MacBook or ThinkPad is more than good enough. Please make sure that the camera is at about eye level.

You’ll need a headset. The audio quality of the laptop’s built-in microphone is not sufficient in terms of quality when the built-in speakers are used at the same time. The headset should ideally be wired to avoid interference with the Bluetooth connection due to an empty battery, for example.

A bright, well-lit room is best. The brighter the room, the better the video quality of the videos. Avoid sitting in a dark area. Indirect light that is close by but does not directly illuminate your face is optimal – a small desk lamp is enough. Daylight lamps are particularly suitable for video conferencing, as they are not distracting and provide natural light.
Unfortunately, we can’t recommend virtual backgrounds – the quality of the result is usually not particularly high. If you absolutely want to use one, please make sure the background is not too distracting or detailed.

Connect a charger to your device – Taking part virtually will likely require more power than your battery can provide.
It is recommended to close all tabs that you do not use for your session in advance. It is best to also switch off all sources of interference such as e.g. Chats. To be on the safe side, activate the sleep mode on your laptop (this also applies to your smartphone and landline phone). If your browser recommends an update (yellow or red notification in the upper right corner of Chrome), install it before recording.

Is your internet connection at home or at the office good? Can you use a LAN cable if necessary to avoid interference? How many devices are connected to the Wi-Fi? Can you disconnect some of them from the Wi-Fi temporarily? Are other people using the same internet connection? If so, can they refrain from bandwidth-intensive Internet use during that time?

I won't be at the conference. How can I still get involved in it?

We are offering all individuals who were not accepted with their presentation at the conference that they can be included in the on-demand program. We will share more information about this soon.