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Sustainability is very important to us.

For us, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is an integral part of our corporate values and our company culture.

Therefore, we aim to promote sustainability both within the company and beyond its borders.

 Specifically, this means that we…
… initiate discussions and interactions on the topic within the company.
… acquire and share more knowledge and expertise.
… develop and implement concrete improvements.
… establish networks and engage in public relations work

Arrive More Sustainably with DB -

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Eat greener. With kantiin it works

Kantiin Brings is a young catering company from Wiesbaden that impresses with its delicious and visually appealing food. The company’s commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with Seibert Media’s values.

Both companies share a dedication to sustainable and healthy nutrition. Kantiin Brings places a strong emphasis on incorporating a high percentage of vegan and vegetarian ingredients in its catering offerings, allowing vegetables to take center stage on the menu. Moreover, the company is continually increasing its usage of organically grown ingredients and strives to source them locally whenever feasible. This commitment is rooted in the belief that we all have the power to positively impact our world through our dietary choices.


Ideas for Advancing Sustainability

Your ideas are invaluable! Sustainability goes beyond a mere word; it’s an active means to shape a positive future.

Do you have suggestions for enhancing our energy efficiency or creating a more eco-friendly supply chain? Share your visions with us – we’re eager to hear your ideas.

Let’s be catalysts for change together. Send your ideas to t4at@seibert.group

Every contribution is significant on our journey towards greater sustainability!