The conference

From experiment to tradition

What began in 2012 as an experiment with an open outcome has now become an indispensable tradition: the Tools4AgileTeams. Nowhere else is agility explored more comprehensibly in all its facets than at this conference. This has resulted in the T4AT becoming THE event for the Agile community.


A wide range of topics

The T4AT has always thrived on a great thematic diversity. This will also be reflected in the eight tracks offered in 2023, which will feature suitable talks and discussion sessions. Included are the classic T4AT topics, but also exciting new themes. These are:

Our vision

A conference that focuses on the exchange about agility in teams and companies at all levels – that is T4AT. This ranges from the sense and nonsense of using tools and their optimal use in agile software teams to scaling agile models and processes across entire organizations. What is particularly important to us: an open exchange at eye level, pragmatic approaches to solutions, interactive elements, a friendly atmosphere and high-quality presentations or contributions that are very current (or, in some cases, even ahead of their time).


Our code of conduct

We want to provide a harassment-free event experience for our participants, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, body type, ethnicity, or religious affiliation (or lack thereof). 

We do not tolerate any harassment of participants, neither on-site or virtually. Sexualized language and depictions are unwelcome at our events. This includes the venue, lectures, workshops and celebrations, as well as Twitter and other media. 

Participants who violate these rules will be subject to sanctions by the event staff, including removal from the event, even without the right to a refund of any entrance fee that may be due. Texts that violate the above criteria will be deleted.

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