The seventh Tools4AgileTeams conference is on 29 November and 30 November 2018  in the Hessen state capital of Wiesbaden. Our vision:

A conference to discuss agility in teams and companies at all levels: from the sense and nonsense of tools in agile software development teams, as well as their optimal use, through to scaling agile models and processes throughout entire organizations. Frank and open dialog, practical approaches and solutions, personal atmosphere, high-quality presentations, interactive elements, on top of the latest developments (and sometimes even ahead).

Topic: Does culture eat your agile scaling strategy for breakfast?!

Culture hacking, agile tools and frameworks – how well does culture need to ‘fit’ for agile transformations and how much influence on corporate culture do agile transformation strategies and practices have?

We set out in search of the most exciting, instructive examples of successful and unsuccessful agile transitions.

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Feedback from attendees at the 2016 conference