The ninth Tools4AgileTeams conference is on 03 December and 04 December 2020  in the Hessen state capital of Wiesbaden. Our vision:

A conference to discuss agility in teams and companies at all levels: from the sense and nonsense of tools in agile software development teams, as well as their optimal use, through to scaling agile models and processes throughout entire organizations. Frank and open dialog, practical approaches and solutions, personal atmosphere, high-quality presentations, interactive elements, on top of the latest developments (and sometimes even ahead).

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Topic 2019: Tools and leadership

Leadership requires in-person conversations, and tools are for digital communication. If we categorize these two terms, they don’t seem to have much in common. But are they really so separated? In scaled agile practice, further questions quickly arise: Do tools and leadership always into conflict in theory or in practice, or perhaps both? Should they really be considered separately? Are there any synergies we can take advantage of? Can tool actually support leadership? Can leadership in turn have a meaningful effect on tools?

We want to discuss this and more at Tools4AgileTeams 2019!


Feedback from attendees at the 2016 conference